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Remilk First Animal-Free Milk Protein Approved in Canada

Remilk announced it has received Health Canada’s “Letter of No Objection”, enabling the use and sale of its animal-free BLG protein in Canada.

Remilk Makes History as First Animal-Free Milk Protein Approved in Canada

In Feb 2023, Remilk received a “No Questions Letter” from the FDA and the Singapore Food Agency’s approval. The company made headlines again in April as the first to receive regulatory approval of its kind in Israel. Now, it is the first company producing animal-identical protein to receive Health Canada’s No Objection Letter. The letter opens Canada’s door for use of Remilk’s protein in a variety of products with the same taste and texture as milk, ice cream, yogurt, cream cheese, and more, while free of lactose, cholesterol, and growth hormones, and with significant nutritional and environmental benefits.

Remilk’s animal-free BLG milk protein is equivalent to its cow-derived counterpart, but it is produced without a single cow, via precision fermentation. The company manufactures its protein at commercial scale in several locations around the world.

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