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Red Beef Noodle Kitchen in Chinatown Vancouver

A new Taiwanese beef noodle soup eatery is coming to Chinatown. Signage has gone up for Red Beef Noodle Kitchen which is set to take over the space at 550 Main Street formely occupied by Rhinofish Noodle Bar.

This will be Red Beef Noodle Kitchen’s fourth outpost in Metro Vancouver. They have a full-service restaurant in Kitsilano (1947 West 4th) but also two other express locations in Richmond (8338 Capstan Way) and New Westminister (81 5th Street). There are plans to open locations in East Vancouver and Burnaby.

Red Beef Noodle Menu

Red Beef Noodle specializes in Taiwanese beef noodle soups. They have quite a range of options including Premium Beef, Beef Tendon, Beef Dumpling, Beef Brisket and more.

Red Beef Noodle Kitchen notes that their beef shins are selected and prepared through a multi-step process – which involves high temperature wok cooking and low temperature braising – to ensure delicately soft texture in meat.

You’ll also find rice dishes like Tomato Beef Brisket Stew Rice, Curry Beef Rice, Traditional Diced Pork on rice and so forth.

Other meat dishes offered included Salt & Pepper Popcorn Chicken, Sauce Braised Beef Tripe, Fried Spareribs, Beef & Organis in Chilli Sauce and more.

For vegetables, they have Fried Green Beans, Seaweed Salad, Sauce Braised Tofu and so forth.

They also offer dumplings like Steamed Beef Shumai, Pork Pot Stickers and Steam Shrimp & Pork Dumplings.

For desserts, they have options like Taro Sago with Coconut Milk, Mango Panna Cotta, Taro Panna Cotta and more.

Stay tuned for more details on the opening.

Red Beef Noodles Chinatown Vancouver
550 Main St, Vancouver, BC

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