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Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Anniversary

September 14th marks two years since the viral Popeyes Chicken Sandwich internet sensation made its debut in Canada.

Popeyes Chicken Sandwich

In honor of this monumental day for the brand in Canada, it was measured just how much fans love that chicken sandwich from Popeyes.

And it’s a lot of love – since the launch in 2020, Popeyes Canada has sold over 23 million Chicken Sandwiches, which have used over 47 million pickles.

If you took all those sandwiches and lined them up, side by side, they would be approximately 2,571 km long – that’s nearly the direct distance from Toronto to Calgary!

If you stacked the sandwiches on top of one another, it would measure taller than 3,800 CN Towers.

And – of all the entrée items on Popeyes menu, Canada’s favourite product is by far the Chicken Sandwich.

Not only did fans express their love with their stomachs, they also voiced their opinions on social media.

In the lead up to the sandwich’s launch in Canada, they saw high anticipation for the product’s arrival, on launch week brand fans praised the occasion as a great day for Canada, they firmly chose their side in the #ChickenSandwichWar (hint: they’re on our side), and since then we continue to see excitement on twitter from some of our most loyal followers.

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