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Nespresso and Blue Bottle Coffee First Co-Developed Coffee Blend

In a collaboration sure to delight coffee lovers, Nespresso has joined forces with Blue Bottle Coffee to innovate the specialty coffee experience.

Blend No. 1, the first co-developed coffee the brands have crafted, is a limited-edition capsule that blends the deliciousness of Blue Bottle and Nespresso coffees.

A fusion of worlds that was discovered by curiosity, the collaboration is an unlikely one.

Nespresso And Blue Bottle Coffee Are Doing Things Differently With Their First Co-Developed Coffee Blend

Nespresso’s elegant approach to portioned coffee elevates the coffee experience at home at the touch of a button, whereas Blue Bottle consumers are familiar with the brand’s meticulous craft and care within every cup.

Blend No. 1 is the brainchild of Rodriguez and Blue Bottle Coffee Head of Global Innovation and Quality, Benjamin Brewer.

As the Blend No. 1 name suggests, this is only the start of the pair’s ongoing relationship.

Expertly crafted, Blend No. 1 is a delicious mix of naturally processed coffee from two distinct origins, Ethiopia and Uganda, and particularly light and short roast done in two splits, separated by origin.

While the beans from Uganda have more time in development to create intensity, the Ethiopian beans are roasted lighter to preserve the finer aromatics.

This is a particularly mild blend with aromatic notes of jammy, ripe fruit, sweet caramel, subtle white flowers and a hint of cereal.

To fully enjoy, Nespresso and Blue Bottle recommend drinking this coffee on its own as a Gran Lungo (5 fl. oz).

Blend No. 1 can also be enjoyed cold by pouring it over ice. Simply brew 5 fl. oz of coffee over the same ratio of ice.

This releases the coffee’s sweet aromatic notes.

A dash of oat milk, either cold or slightly heated and frothed, creates a pleasantly sweet and creamy sipping experience.

Blend No. 1 is available for Nespresso Vertuo machines and will be available for purchase on and at Nespresso boutiques on Wednesday October 18, 2023.

Those curious enough to seek an earlier trial can visit any Nespresso boutique for an exclusive tasting experience as of Friday October 6, 2023, while supplies last.

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Mike Hunt

Tuesday 10th of October 2023

Too bad this is the US only.