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McDonald’s Canada launches 3 new Throwback Sauces

Get ready to step back in time with McDonald’s Canada with the launch of 3 new Throwback Sauces inspired by the flavors of your childhood nostalgia, paired with a 6 or 10 pack of the iconic McNuggets.

McDonald’s Canada launches 3 new Throwback Sauces

The Throwback Sauces are designed to celebrate McNuggets as fan-favourites across generations, complete with retro-inspired packaging:

1980s Garlic Parmesan Sauce – A rich and savoury sauce, boasting garlicky notes, cassette mixtapes and not having a cell phone

1990s Szechuan Sauce – A zesty and spicy sauce reminiscent of bright neon colors and the early internet

2000s Jalapeno Cheddar Sauce – A sauce that gives hints of spicy jalapeño, boy bands and a little too much denim

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