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Where to Buy Jamaican Patties in Metro Vancouver

The perfect Jamaican patty should have a buttery, flaky, light and crisp crust that is yellow in colour and has puckered edges. Jamaican patties typically have flavourful fillings of meat, veggies and spices.

Here are some businesses in Metro Vancouver which offer Jamaican patties.

Elbo Patties (Vancouver)

Elbo Patties offers Jamaican patties, coco bread, chutneys and sauces in Vancouver and is Chef-owned and operated by Chris Boreland. The filling options include Spicy Beef, Garden Chili, Jerk Chicken, and Wild Mushroom. See my full review on Elbo Patties here.

Elbo Patties in Vancouver: Jamaican Patties, Chutneys

Elbo Patties

The Patty Shop (Vancouver)

The Patty Shop is hole in the wall sort of place where you can find fresh, hot and tasty patties of assorted fillings.

The Patty Shop
4019 MacDonald Street, Vancouver, BC

The Lion’s Den Café (Vancouver)

The Lion’s Den Café
651 15th Ave E, Vancouver, BC

The Reef Restaurant | The Reef Runner (Vancouver)

The Reef Restaurant is a longtime restaurant on Main Street offering Caribbean food and cocktails. They offer beef or tofu Jamaican patties. They also operate a food truck in Vancouver.

The Reef Restaurant
4172 Main St, Vancouver, BC

Calabash Bistro (Vancouver)

Calabash Bistro offers spicy beef, chicken or veggie patties.

Calabash Bistro
428 Carrall St, Vancouver, BC

Riddim & Spice (Vancouver)

Riddim & Spice offers beef, chicken or vegetarian Jamaican patties.

Riddim & Spice
1945 Commercial Dr, Vancouver, BC

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