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Dr. Jart+ Sheet Masks Cheaper at Miniso

If you regularly buy some of the more basic Dr. Jart+ sheet masks, I have a small, money saving tip for you.  Miniso sells the Vital Hydra Solution, Porecting Solution and Sooth Hydra Solution sheet masks for $5.99.  This is cheaper than buying them from Sephora Canada which sells them for $7.50.

Dr. Jart+ Sheet Masks

The photo above is from the Miniso on Granville Street in Vancouver.  Inventory probably varies between different Miniso stores.  At the Miniso in Park Royal, I spotted only the Vital Hydra Solution sheet mask.

I also found these Dr. Jart+ sheet masks in the skincare section at H Mart but they sell them for $9 – $10.  You’re better off buying them elsewhere.

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