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Doritos Ketchup Flavoured Tortilla Chips – limited time flavour

Doritos Ketchup flavoured tortilla chips are now available across the country! To pay tribute to the limited time snack and reflect on its history in a BIG and BOLD way, the Doritos brand has commissioned a massive, renaissance-inspired painting by Canadian artist Kristy Gordon

Doritos Ketchup

Gordon’s canvas painting is an impressive homage to the flavour, coming in at a remarkable, head-turning 9 feet tall by 7 feet wide. 

With their retro packaging, Doritos Ketchup is a timeless favourite – these chips are crunchy, vinegary and bold with hits of sweetness and a corn chip finish.

A Canadian fan favourite, Doritos Ketchup chips are now available on store shelves, wherever Doritos products are sold, including at

Be sure to grab them before they’re gone as they are only available for a limited time. 

Follow along at #DoritosKetchupTribute on TikTok to see how more people across the country are sharing their appreciation for the flavour. 

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