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Dippin’ Dots New ICEE Cherry ‘n Blue Razz Flavor

Dippin’ Dots, the original beaded ice cream, announced that its new ICEE Cherry ‘n Blue Razz flavored ice is now available for consumer purchase nationwide.

Dippin' Dots Releases New ICEE Cherry 'n Blue Razz Flavor

The product combines ICEE’s most iconic flavors – Cherry and Blue Raspberry – in the form of Dippin’ Dots’ famous frozen beads.

Consisting of bright red cherry and brilliant blue raspberry-colored dots, the delicious mashup captures ICEE’s distinctive flavor profile that fans have enjoyed for decades.

The flavorful combination comes on the heels of J&J Snack Foods’ acquisition of Dippin’ Dots in June 2022.

The delicious mix of classic ICEE flavors and Dippin’ Dots’ fun, frozen beads, create a product that promises the thrill and excitement fans will be looking for this summer at all their favorite amusement and entertainment venues.

The new flavor is available now and all summer long at Dippin’ Dots locations, convenience stores, amusement and entertainment venues, and local events nationwide.

The product is also available for online orders in scoopable bulk and individual serving pre-packs at

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