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DASANI and Sprite offering new, more sustainable bottles

Two of The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC)’s flagship brands, DASANI and Sprite, are introducing a refreshing and more sustainable way for consumers to hydrate both on the go and at home. 


DASANI is introducing a more sustainable way for consumers to hydrate with the launch of its new bottles made from 100% recycled plastic, available in stores now.

The introduction of DASANI bottles made from 100% recycled plastic (excludes cap and label) will advance the brand’s ambitions to reduce virgin packaging and offer sustainable solutions at scale.

DASANI is The Coca-Cola Company’s first flagship brand that is 100% rPET in Canada.

Sprite, as well as Fresca, will transition to new clear plastic bottles from their iconic green, increasing the material’s likelihood to be remade into a new bottle. 

Consumers will begin to see this rollout as of August 1.

The introduction of clear plastic will allow these bottles to more easily be made into rPET for brands like DASANI, contributing to the circular economy.

By moving to bottles made of 100% recycled plastic (excludes cap and label) across Canada and the U.S., DASANI expects to save over 9 million kilograms of new plastic – the equivalent of 552 million bottles – in 2023 these bottles are also 100% recyclable to help close the plastic loop alone.

Because it takes less energy and resources to create a bottle from recycled plastic, for every pound of rPET material used (in place of new PET), greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 65%. 

Using internal company tools and analyses, it is estimated that in Canada and the U.S., this innovation from TCCC will reduce over 25,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions in 2023 – the equivalent of taking 6,629 cars off the road for one year.

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