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Coco Tea-ni: New Series at CoCo Fresh Tea

CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice Richmond & Surrey has launched a new series this month on the Coco menu this month: CoCo-Tea-ni (都可快樂星球水).

Coco Tea-ni: New Series at CoCo Fresh Tea

The themed menu is inspired by the latest bubble tea trend in Asia, as well as the seasonal fresh fruits and quality ingredients imported from Taiwan.

Here are the 7 Coco Tea-ni drinks:

 Vitamin Bomb Tea-ni (健康水), inspired by the fresh & creamy Avocado. Slush with grass jelly, full of vitamins and other nutrients.

 Happy Planet Tea-ni (快樂水), inspired by the MEGA-popular Bubble Gaga, finely tuned with 70% sweetness & less ice.

 XOXO Tea-ni (啾咪水), inspired by the newly introduced Lychee Green Tea, sweet and refreshing.

Golden Dream Tea-ni (發財水), inspired by fresh Mango Slush with coconut jelly, finely tuned with 70% sweetness.

Wonder Girl Tea-ni (仙女水), inspired by the sexy & vibrant Red Dragon Fruit Yoghurt.

Lucky Peach Tea-ni (福氣水), inspired by the refreshing Peach Soda that brings you good luck and makes your life peachy.

 Smarty Pant Tea-ni (聰明水), inspired by the decadent brown sugar fresh milk with pudding.

Participating CoCo Fresh Tea & Juice locations:

  • Blundell Centre: 140-8100 No.2 Rd, Richmond
  • Continental Shopping Centre: 2116-3779 Sexsmith, Richmond
  • Guildford Town Centre: 2655-10355 152th Ave, Surrey
  • Central City: 512-10153 King George Blvd, Surrey

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