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Chocolate Gift Ideas under $20 2018 | Cacao 70

Wondering what to get the chocoholic in your life this holiday season?  Here are some delicious, locally-made and beautiful chocolate retail products (for under $20.00 too) by Cacao 70.

Cacao 70 Holiday Gift Guide

Disclosure:  I received a media package from Cacao 70.

Stocking Stuffer Idea: Cacao 70 Chocolate Bars

These high-quality chocolate bars ($10) are available in various flavours such as Matcha, Coffee, Dark Chocolate and Maple.  There are also 3 new micro batch flavours: Asochivite, Beniano, Monte Grande.

Chocolate Gift Ideas 2018 | Cacao 70

A Warm Hug: Cacao 70 Hot Chocolate

A cup of hot chocolate is like a warm hug.  Cacao 70’s drinking chocolates ($20) and hot cocoa powders ($17) are sweet, delicious powders enjoyed by a fireplace (or through a Netflix marathon) this chilly season.

Chocolate Gift Ideas 2018 | Cacao 70

Sharing is Caring: Chocolate Dips

Cacao 70 chocolate dips ($12) are the best way to gather everyone for some chocolatey goodness.  Available in 11 unique flavours, such as Chai, Maple, Earl Grey and even Peanut Butter.

Chocolate Gift Ideas 2018 | Cacao 70

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