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Cancelling my ANA international flight due to coronavirus 2020

I just wanted to do a quick shoutout to Air Nippon Airways (ANA) for their excellent customer service.

As I had mentioned in this personal blog post, I cancelled our trip to Tokyo due to the coronavirus situation.

Our flights were from Vancouver to Tokyo (Haneda) roundtrip and we were scheduled to depart in the first week of March.

I originally booked the airfare over the phone (as I could not get the online system to work for me). So, I had to phone in as well to cancel the flights.

When I phoned into ANA, they allowed my non-refundable tickets to be fully refunded with no additional charges. It would, however, take 1 – 2 months for the amount to appear on my credit card statement.

I have heard about some other travelers having to incur some losses depending on the airline that they booked with. Everyone’s situation is different but ANA was fantastic about allowing for a full refund.

Furthermore, it seems like a lot of people are calling into their airlines to change/cancel their flights. My wait time to reach someone at ANA was about a half-hour and my flight was meant for departure in 5 days. I read stories about certain airlines only wanting to deal with customers who were scheduled to depart in the next 48 hours.

It doesn’t seem that ANA is advertising what can be done in terms of cancellation with international tickets (except for routes to China). So, I just wanted to put together this quick post in case anyone else is looking for more information.

I would really love to fly ANA in the future as I have heard great things about them (especially from my friend who was a flight attendant).

For now, stay safe everyone.

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