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Canada – at Burger King, You Rule! 

Canadians may have already heard the incredibly catchy “Whopper, Whopper” jingle at the forefront of the new Burger King brand positioning and marketing campaign.

Canada - at Burger King, You Rule! 

“You Rule” has already proven to be more than a marketing campaign since launching in the U.S., and similarly, as “You Rule” has officially launched in Canada, it will impact every Guest touchpoint from traditional advertising to the in-restaurant experience.

Developed in partnership with Burger King U.S. creative agency OKRP, “You Rule” is an amplification of the brand’s long-time “Have it Your Way” slogan and comes to life through a new inescapable jingle that modernizes the classic “Have it Your Way” jingle from the 1970s.

Canada - at Burger King, You Rule! 

In addition to in-restaurant signage and owned social content, the brand is bringing the viral ad spot focused on the one, the only, the Whopper, to Canadians nationwide.

Canada - at Burger King, You Rule! 

The commercial can be viewed here.

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