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A&W Canada Menu Prices, Nutrition, Locations

A&W is known for their tasty burgers, onions rings, and frosted mugs of famous A&W Root Beer.

A&W Canada Menu Prices, Nutrition, Locations
Credit: A&W Canada

A&W’s history in Canada dates back to 1956 when the first A&W drive-in restaurant in Canada opened on Portage Avenue in Winnipeg. The brand currently has over 950 locations from Vancouver Island to Newfoundland.

Here’s a look at the A&W Canada menu with prices and calories listed.

This data is extracted from the A&W Canada app based on pricing in Vancouver, BC Canada. Please note that prices may vary from province to province as well as from franchise to franchise. 

A&W Canada Menu Prices and Calories

A&W Menu ItemCategoryPriceCalories
English Muffin Bacon & EggerBreakfast$4.39 380
Bacon & EggerBreakfast$4.39 510
English Muffin Sausage & EggerBreakfast$4.39 510
Sausage & EggerBreakfast$4.39 530
English Muffin Sausage & CheddarBreakfast$3.89 460
English Muffin Cheese & EggerBreakfast$3.39 340
Cheese & EggerBreakfast$3.39 360
All-Canadian SpecialBreakfast$6.99 900
Classic Bacon & EggsBreakfast$6.49 530
Pancakes with SyrupBreakfast$4.29 590
Breakfast WrapBreakfast$3.39 220
Hashbrown Breakfast, Side$1.79 180
Beyond Meat BurgerBurgers$7.25 500
Teen BurgerBurgers$6.85 500
Double Teen BurgerBurgers$8.85 680
Mozza BurgerBurgers$6.85 620
Double Mozza BurgerBurgers$8.85 800
Cheddar Bacon Uncle BurgerBurgers$8.99 740
Mama BurgerBurgers$5.35 400
Papa BurgerBurgers$6.65 580
Grandpa BurgerBurgers$7.95 760
Buddy BurgerBurgers$1.99 310
Double Buddy BurgerBurgers$2.99 400
Kids Pack - Baby BurgerBurgers$5.69 590
Kids Pack - Baby Burger with CheeseBurgers$6.59 650
Fish & ChipsFish$7.49 800
Chubby Chicken BurgerChicken$6.99 490
Spicy Habanero Chicken BurgerChicken$7.29 520
3 Chicken StripsChicken$6.99 300
5 Chicken StripsChicken$9.29 500
BLT Chicken BurgerChicken$7.69 700
Chicken Buddy BurgerChicken$2.59 360
Double Chicken Buddy BurgerChicken$3.59 480
Spicy Chipotle Chicken WrapChicken$2.59 270
Bacon Ranch Chicken WrapChicken$2.59 270
Kids Pack Chicken BuddyChicken$6.29 710
Kids Pack Chicken StripsChicken$6.29 550
Coffee SmallDrink$1.90 5
Coffee RegularDrink$2.50 5
Lemonade RegularDrink$3.39 240
Lemonade SmallDrink$2.39 140
Russet Thick-Cut FriesSide$2.99 340
Onion RingsSide$4.99 520
Sweet Potato FriesSide$4.29 680
PoutineSide$5.99 610
Apple TurnoverSide$1 280
Double Chocolate TurnoverSide$1 290
GravySide$2.50 50
A&W Root Beer SmallDrink$2 170
A&W Root Beer RegularDrink$2.89 280
Diet A&W Root Beer SmallDrink$2 0
Diet A&W Root Beer RegularDrink$2.89 0
Coca-Cola SmallDrink$2 143
Coca-Cola RegularDrink$2.89 240
Diet Coke SmallDrink$2 0
Diet Coke RegularDrink$2.89 0
Sprite SmallDrink$2 140
Sprite RegularDrink$2.89 240
Iced Tea SmallDrink$2 110
Iced Tea RegularDrink$2.89 190
DasaniDrink$2.79 0
Orange Juice SmallDrink$2.95 160
Orange Juice RegularDrink$3.95 270
Apple Juice SmallDrink$2.95 180
Apple Juice RegularDrink$3.95 300
Tea SmallDrink$1 2
Tea RegularDrink$2.25 3
2% MilkDrink$3 130
1% Chocolate MilkDrink$2.65 150

What is the Most Expensive A&W Canada Menu Item?

The 5 Chicken Strips is A&W Canada’s most expensive menu item at $9.29.

A&W Canada Menu Prices, Nutrition, Locations 5 Chicken Strips
Credit: A&W Canada

What is the Cheapest A&W Canada Menu Item?

The cheapest A&W Canada menu items are: Apple Turnover ($1), Double Chocolate Turnover ($1) and Small Tea ($1).

Which A&W Canada Menu Item has the Most Calories?

The All-Canadian Special has 900 calories.

A&W Canada Menu Prices All Canadian Special
All-Canadian Special | Credit: A&W Canada

The All-Canadian Special features freshly cracked eggs from hens fed a vegetarian diet, made the way you like them, served with two strips of naturally smoked bacon and two sausage links – all from pork raised without the use of antibiotics – a golden-brown hash brown, two slices of tomato and two slices of warm toast.

Which A&W Canada Menu Item has the Least Calories?

The Diet A & W Root Beer (small or regular), Diet Coke (small or regular), and Dasani drinks all have zero calories.

As for food, the Hash Brown has the least number of calories at 180 calories.

A&W Canada Hash Brown A&W Canada Menu Prices
Hash Brown | Credit: A&W Canada

Which A&W Canada Menu Items are Available All Day?

The Bacon & Egger, Cheese & Egger, Sausage & Egger, Sausage & Cheddar, Breakfast Wrap and Hash Brown are all day A&W Canada menu items.

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Saturday 1st of May 2021

When did your teen burger special end.I was told a week ago. So when I got home it was not a teen burger but was chubby chicken. All in#0251 Chilliwack store.