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Approach Hosting With Expert Backed Tips From Doordash

‘Tis the season for festivities and hosting, bringing both joy and responsibilities! To support those gearing up to host a festive feast this year, DoorDash has partnered with culinary expert Michelle Rabin to offer some game-changing tips.

Encouraging Canadians to say “fork it” to unnecessary stress this this year, our goal is to inspire Canadians to simple order when they need to enjoy a hassle-free celebration. 

As a seasoned host, hosting expert Michelle knows the ins and outs of creating a memorable holiday gathering without the stress:  

Why brave the crowds when you can leave your grocery shopping to the experts? Save time by simply making a list and outsourcing your groceries for delivery from DoorDash. They’ll arrive fresh and convenient to your doorstep the day of your party, leaving you with more time for prep!  

Hosting is a great way to spend time with loved ones but it can be hard to do when your entire day is spent in the kitchen. Find more time with your guests by striking a balance between homemade and store-bought items. For instance, create a delightful dessert with homemade cookies paired with DoorDash-delivered ice cream for easy and delicious ice cream sandwiches.  

Who says you’re required to serve the traditional holiday menu? Challenge holiday expectations and branch out from the typical mashed potatoes and green beans. Instead, you can simply order pizzas for your guests complimented by beautiful home-made salads. Instead of worrying about timing all of the sides, you can sip on cocktails with your guests as part of your meal arrives on your doorstep.   

Whether you need something delivered in a pinch or simply want to branch out in your dish selection, DoorDash has everything needed to support a successful holiday feast.  

From groceries and wine to spirits, decor, and gifting options, DoorDash has you covered.

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