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Richmond Night Market Food 2023: What to Eat & Drink

The Richmond Night Market makes its return for the 2023 season and the International Food Fair is always one of the highlights of the market.

Richmond Night Market Food

This year’s theme is A Touch of Magic. A massive 60-foot bouncy castle will let kids jump the night away, while everyone can stroll through the candy-coloured forest, with oversized prop chairs and plenty more for visitors to see and do. The Night Market Stage also offers up nightly entertainment, while the entertainment/games area is also extremely popular with both young and old.

Here’s a look at what you can expect this year especially the Richmond Night Market Food 2023 lineup.

Is Richmond Night Market 2023 Open?

Yes, the Richmond Night Market 2023 will be open starting Friday, April 28 at 7 p.m. until October 9, 2023.

Richmond Night Market Food 2022: What to Eat & Drink

Admission Price

  • General – $8
  • Children (under 7 years) FREE
  • Senior (60+ years) FREE
  • Express Zoom pass: $35 for 5 visits

Richmond Night Market 2023 Hours

The hours are as follows:

  • Friday – 7 PM – 12AM
  • Saturday (Apr to May 13) – 7PM – 12AM
  • Saturday & Long Weekend Sunday (May 20 to Aug) – 6PM – 12AM
  • Saturday & Long Weekend Sunday (Sept to Oct) – 7PM – 12AM
  • Regular Sunday & Long Weekend Monday – 7PM – 11PM
Richmond Night Market Food 2022: What to Eat & Drink

Richmond Night Market Food 2023 & Drinks

One of the best parts of the Night Market is the food. Eating your way through the market is surely one way to enjoy the festival.

For the first time, foods from Indonesia, Turkey and Mexico will be featured. In total, there will be more than 110 food booths and food trucks offering a tantalizing menu of more than 600 different foods, drinks and desserts.

Richmond Night Market Food 2022: What to Eat & Drink

Here’s a look at some of the vendors that will be at the Richmond Night Market Food Fair based on my own research. There is no actual formal list of vendors published by the festival. And sometimes other major publications have writers that are lazy and just ripe off my list. I certainly don’t look at theirs as I do my own research!

This list will be updated as more information becomes available.

If you know a vendor that should be featured, please DM me on social media @foodgressing or email me [email protected].

PRO TIP: Bring cash because many vendors are cash only! However, there are ones that take Square payment. Based on what I saw, most vendors charge around $15 – $25 for substantial items. Of course, you’ll find smaller bites for less than that.

Golden Scoop (F02)

Golden Scoop is offering Fried Ice Cream.

Richmond Night Market Food

BaoBunsYVR (F08)

BaoBunsYVR offers their signature baos topped with ice cream.

Mochido (F10)

Mochido will be offering premium mochi donuts.

Richmond Night Market Food

Aloha Boys (F31)

Aloha Boys will be offering Hawaiian Butter Garlic Shrimp, Spam Musubi, Flying cup noodles, Spam Fries, Ramen Donut and more.

Richmond Night Market Food
Richmond Night Market Food

Potato Boy (F40)

Potato Boy will be offering curly fries snacks.

Richmond Night Market Food

Menya Raizo (F41)

Menya Raizo is serving various ramen bowls including Mazesoba; Hakata Tonkotsu Ramen; Cold Yuzu SHio; Mega Cha-Shu Ramen and more. They have a location on West Broadway.

banhmi429 (F44)

banhmi429 is offering fusion-style baguettes packed with savory meats, fresh veggies, and bold spices.

Boba Time (F45)

Boba Time is serving Milk Teas; Teas; and Slushes.

Thai Affair Rolled Gelato (F46)

YooFo Mochi Skewer (F47)

Waffun (F48)

Butter Beer Factory (F49)

Butter Beer Factory is offering Butter Beer.

Mango Sticky Rice (F50)

Tropical Paradise (F50)

Qianwei BBQ (F57)

Po Wah Dim Sum (F59)

Sprinkles Gelato (F60)

Butter Better Squid

Butter Better Squid is a new stall this year.

Richmond Night Market Food

Chicken Karaage (F74)

Yummy Tea (F78)

ikoi mochi donut (F79)

Tan’s Shrimp Paste (F80)

Tokyo Katsu-sand (Food Truck)

Tokyo Katsu-sand serves Japanese style Katsu sando.

Doux Delicious (F81)

Poutine Paradise (F82)

Piko – Sandwiches Bar (F83)

Magic Konjac World (F84)

Dango House (F85)

Fresh Squeeze Lemonade (F86)

Big Way Hot Pot (F87 & F88)

Dim Sum Express (F89)

Big Beard Super BBQ (F91 – 93)

Fish Sticks (F94)

Daikichi (F95)

Twinkle Cube Cafe (F96 & 97)

Richmond Night Market Food

Fried House (F97 & F98)

Richmond Night Market Food
Richmond Night Market Food

Big G (F99 & F100)

Richmond Night Market Food
Richmond Night Market Food

Fusion Wrap (F101)

Fusion Wrap is offering wraps including Spicy Shredded Chicken; Tuna Salad; Spam, Egg & Cheese; Egg & Dried Pork; Kimchi Beef and more.

Richmond Night Market Food

Chef BBQ (F102 & 103)

Chef BBQ serves Japanese Takoyaki and Xinjiang Style BBQ including Angus Steak Beef; Xinjiang Cumin Lamb; Sweet Garlic Chicken; Premium BBQ Prawn and Honey Garlic Chicken Skin.

Richmond Night Market Food
Richmond Night Market Food

Mini Donuts (F104)

Sweet Soup (F105)

Yum Yum Tteokbokki (F106)

Crazy Zhang The King of BBQ (F107)

Myst (F108)

Ice Monster (F109)

Ice Monster is serving character-trhemed shaved ice desserts.

Richmond Night Market Food

Karaage King

Sip Bowl La Mian

Eating Areas

There are quite a few eating areas including high top tables; benches; random concrete blocks to perch; and a large designated eating area. There are even handwashing stations.

Richmond Night Market Location

The regular location of the Richmond Night Market is the corner of Number 3 Road and River Road. One block from Bridgeport Canada Line Station and next to the River Rock Casino.

The address is: 8351 River Road, Richmond, BC.

Richmond Night Market Parking

The Richmond Night Market has onsite parking which is free but LIMITED. Come early to get a spot!

Please note, the Night Market’s parking is separate from River Rock casino.

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