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New Egglife Variety Pack at Sam’s Club Nationwide

Egglife Foods, Inc, a Chicago-based innovator harnessing the power of eggs to disrupt the food industry with simple, delicious, and nutritious egglife egg white wraps, is launching a new dual flavor egglife variety pack available only at Sam’s Club.

With two packs of egglife original wraps and one pack of egglife sweet cinnamon wraps, the new 18ct variety pack will make it easy to prepare healthier meals the whole family can enjoy, from sweet breakfast bites, to lunch on the go, to savory, satisfying lasagna.

Available at nearly all locations nationwide through March 31, 2024, this launch represents the latest milestone in Egglife’s explosive growth trajectory to appeal to more health-conscious consumers and scale its product offerings to reach new and relevant audiences. 

Egglife Foods Launches New Egglife Variety Pack At Sam's Club Nationwide

egglife egg white wraps have a clean ingredient label and are packed with protein (5+ grams), are low-carb (less than 1 gram) and have 35 calories or less. egglife wraps fit a variety of dietary need states, including gluten free, dairy free, diabetes, keto, and Whole30 lifestyles. The new variety pack available at Sam’s Club offers tasty and nutritious alternatives to traditional breads, wraps or tortillas in both savory and sweet flavors. egglife can be found chilling near the deli at Sam’s Clubs nationwide.

Egglife Foods has experienced significant growth since its start in 2019 having quickly established itself as a popular choice among health-conscious and specialty diet consumers looking for clean protein sources, low carb alternatives, and grain free options. To find egglife egg white wraps at a Sam’s Club, consumers can visit

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