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National French Fry Day: McCain Is Giving Away French Fries

In a world where people can hardly agree on anything, there exists a certain something that is universally loved by all– french fries.

It’s something that 99.2% of Canadians can agree upon.

So when posed with the question, “Do you want fries with that?” pretty much everyone says “Yes!”

That’s why today, National French Fry Day, McCain is surprising shoppers by giving away fries with virtually everything!

National French Fry Day

We’re not talking about fries with a burger or sandwich (although we highly encourage that pairing any day).

Today, at select retailers across Canada, unsuspecting shoppers will be asked if they “Want fries with that?” with all kinds of unexpected purchases.

Buying a new book: “Want fries with that?”

A new summer outfit: “Want fries with that?”

Barbeque apron: “Want fries with that?”

If the shopper answers yes (and who wouldn’t!?), they’ll be handed a coupon for a bag of McCain Superfries, which they can prepare on National French Fry Day to enjoy with friends or family.

National French Fry Day

What better way to bring people together than over a plate of hot and crispy deliciousness that is universally loved by all.

Those statistics don’t lie!

All Canadian fry lovers will have a chance to get free McCain fries on National French Fry Day by tagging McCain in a photo of a recent purchase on social media.

They’ll receive a DM from McCain for a coupon to print out and use on National French Fry Day.

Participating Retailers


Little Mountain – 308 Water Street, Vancouver BC, 

Private & Co – 83 East Pender Street, Vancouver, BC


Ben McNally Books – 400 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario

Auntie’s Supply – 28 Bathurst Street #1-111, Toronto, Ontario

Promise Supply – 28 Bathurst Street, Toronto, Ontario


Chez Farfelu – 843 Mont-Royal Ave. East, Montreal, Quebec 

Mile End Kicks – 5403 Parc Avenue, Montreal, QC H2V 4G9

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