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Mucho Burrito Review


After a late meeting in Downtown Vancouver, I wanted something quick and cozy to eat before I headed home.  I decided to pop by Mucho Burrito at Davie and Burrard for some fast food.

Tacos, Tacos, Tacos

I ordered the taco trio ($9.25) and chose shrimp, tilapia and carnitas.  Unfortunately, the tacos turned out to be quite disappointing because the meats were just barely warm to me!

I love shrimp in a taco but barely warm shrimp is not exactly very appetizing.


The carnitas was slightly warmer, but definitely not *hot*.


The tilapia was bland and was the least warm of the three meats.


It was already cold outside and the last thing I wanted was to eat something *cold.*  Perhaps the meat was sitting out too long and they did not rewarm it enough.  The presentation of the tacos could be improved as well as they just seemed like a mess.  Overall, I am unlikely to return to Mucho Burrito for any food.

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