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La Bise Bakery: Canelés in Vancouver

La Bise Bakery is recently opened canelés-focused purveyor owned and operated by Nicole Scriabin. 

This is not a sponsored post.

Speaking to Nicole, I learned that she had always loved baking and was especially inspired on her travels in Bordeaux, France when she tasted a canelé.

La Bise Bakery: Canelés in Vancouver

Returning to Vancouver, she had not found canelés that tasted as amazing as the ones she had tried, so she decided to start up her own small business that showcases this amazing confection.

La Bise Bakery: Canelés in Vancouver

Fun fact: Nicole was also previously a creative exec for Food Network UK, Europe, the Middle East & Africa (EMEA).  A big part of her job was filming local chefs in order to build local content.

I enjoyed her delicious canelés which come in a variety of toppings including salted caramel, passion fruit curd, plain, dulce de leche, raspberry with mascarpone whipped cream, Nutella and more.

Plain caneles cost $3.75 each or $20 for 6 or $40 for 12. Topped cost 4.25 each or $24 for 6 or $45 for 12.

She also sells donuts and madeleines. Her pickup location is at The Lazy Gourmet (1605 W 5th Ave, Vancouver).

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