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Katsu Burger Lynnwood: Towering, Japanese-Style Multi-Patty Burgers

Katsu Burger is a local Seattle chain that is known for their towering, Japanese-style burgers with deep-fried patties. I must admit that I don’t even eat single patty hamburgers on a regular basis. However, Katsu was named an essential Seattle restaurant by Eater so I decided to give it a try.

Katsu Burger Lynwood: Towering, Japanese-Style Multi-Patty Burgers


In a trip to Seattle last year, we visited the Lynnwood outpost of Katsu Burger (one of their 4 locations) located at the H Mart Plaza. The interior was simple and clean with a mix of dining tables, counter seating by the window and a few tables on the outside.

I also noticed Godzilla imagery as part of their branding; this seems fitting as they have mega-size burgers on their menu for Godzilla-like appetites.

Katsu Burger Lynwood: Towering, Japanese-Style Multi-Patty Burgers

Katsu Burger Menu

Katsu Burger has a few different protein options for their deep-fried patties including grass-fed beef, prime pork, tofu, and natural chicken. Their basic burger is the Toyko Classic which features a grass-fed beef katsu, tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo. Other regular options include the Ninja Deluxe (prime pork katsu, cheddar, bacon, tonkatsu sauce, and Japanese Mayo), Miso Honey Tofu (Miso marinated tofu katsu with miso honey mustard) and so forth.

They offer three Mega Burger options: Tokyo Tower (two grass-fed beef katsu, cheese, tonkatsu sauce and Japanese mayo), Mt. Fuji (grass-fed beef katsu, prime pork katsu, natural chicken katsu, egg, bacon, cheddar, pepper jack, tonkatsu sauce, wasabi mayo, spicy mayo and Japanese mayo), and Mt. Fuji Eruption (spicier version of Mt.Fuji with jalapenos).

What We Tried

I decided to order the monstrosity of a burger: Mt. Fuji ($20.45) featuring grass-fed beef katsu, natural chicken katsu, pork katsu, egg, bacon, cheddar, American, pepper jack, Wasabi mayo, spicy mayo and Tonkatsu sauce. I had the burger as a meal with a drink (they serve Jones soda) and with Nori fries (+$5.04).

Katsu Burger Lynwood: Towering, Japanese-Style Multi-Patty Burgers

It was a messy burger and we divided it with a knife and fork to share among the 3 of us (2 adults and 1 child). Flavourwise, it was a bit confusing but stil kinda of tasty with the different mayos, meat flavours, and Tonkatsu sauce. The panko-breaded patties were reasonably crispy on the outside.

Katsu Burger Lynwood: Towering, Japanese-Style Multi-Patty Burgers

The Nori fries were skinny fries with a really tasty seaweed plus MSG kind of flavour. I would have them again.

Overall Impression

I’m glad to have checked off Katsu Burger from my list of Seattle restaurants to try. However, deep-fried patties in a burger just isn’t my type of food. I’m not too keen to revisit in the future. Rating: 3/5

Katsu Burger
3333 184th St SW, Lynnwood, WA 98037, USA

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