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Commissary Connect Holiday Gift Box 2021

Commissary Connect is launching their Holiday Gift Box on December 1 featuring local food entrepreneurs who are part of their four kitchen facilities.

Disclosure: I was gifted this box.

All proceeds from the Holiday Gift Boxes will be donated to charities that support those impacted by the flooding in Abbotsford and surrounding areas.

Here are the amazing local vendors that are featured:

  • Carnitas El Rolys: authentic Mexican cornbread
  • Chestnut Cake Gallery: vegan mini basque-style cheesecake
  • Kukki Jar: hand-made gourmet chocolate bar topped with festive candy cane
  • Goodly Soup: warm and comforting coconut tomato soup
  • Flourgirl Baking: vegan “sinnabun”
  • To Life For Gingersnap Cookies: soft and chewy gingersnap cookies
  • Tango Foods: savory empanada
  • Tayybeh: small batch pita chips, smoked eggplant dip
  • La Bise Bakery: raspberry financiers
  • Connie’s Cravings: Mexican Hot Cocoa Cookie
  • Kirk’s Kefir: Blue Razz, Lemon Mango
  • Sauce Club Co Hawaiian Breakfast

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