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Cold Brew makes a smooth entrance to the McCafé Canada line up

An iced coffee is nice. But a Cold Brew Coffee? That’s smooth. Starting March 26, Canadians will be able to order the new McCafé Cold Brew Coffee at participating McDonald’s restaurants across Canada.

Cold Brew makes a smooth entrance to the McCafé line up

Made with Arabica beans, the new McCafé Cold Brew offers a different flavour experience than McCafé iced coffee, making it ideal for guests who prefer a stronger and bolder coffee taste for a refreshing start to their morning or an afternoon pick-me-up.  

Guests can choose from five different varieties: Cold Brew (unsweetened), French Vanilla Cream Cold BrewCaramel Cream Cold BrewSweetened Cold Brew with Cream, and Cold Brew with Sugar-Free Syrup & Cream. Guests can substitute cream for milk at no extra cost.

The new McCafé Cold Brew Coffee will be served in the newly redesigned sleek and sophisticated cup featuring the Golden Arches and McCafé brush script logo on a clear background. It is now available at participating restaurants across Canada, at the Drive-Thru, on the McDonald’s app and through McDelivery.

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