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Chinese New Year Recipes: Easy Food to Make

Lunar New Year is celebrated in China and other Asian countries upon the first New Moon of the lunar calendar. This celebration is held with the belief that a good start to the year will lead to luck and prosperity. Food is a significant part of these celebrations, so what better way to celebrate the new year than some delicious Chinese New Year recipes. Here is a roundup of my favourite Chinese New Year recipes.

Chinese New Year Recipes: Easy Food to Make

Chinese Spicy Red Braised Pork Belly

Check out my recipe on preparing Chinese Spicy Red Braised Pork Belly.

Sesame Bok Choy

Sesame Bok Choy is a simple, healthy side dish to complement your Chinese New Year feast.

Chinese New Year Recipes: Easy Food to Make

Chicken and Mushroom Dumplings

Dumplings are a traditional dish during Lunar New Year, typically consisting of ground meat and vegetables. Put a spin on this classic dish with these Chicken and Mushroom Dumplings, fried to perfection in Mazola Canola Oil. 

Chinese New Year Recipes: Easy Food to Make

Garlic Yu Choy

For a flavourful and nutritious side dish, how about some Garlic Yu Choy? Made with Mazola RightBlend Oil, the combination of canola and olive oils allow for high-heat cooking with a hint of olive oil flavour. Infusing the oil with the garlic perfectly balances the flavours of the dish!

Chinese New Year Recipes: Easy Food to Make

Fiery Whole Steamed Fish

Fish is an important dish during Lunar New Year celebrations. Because the Chinese word for fish sounds similar to the word for abundance, it is believed that eating fish during Lunar New Year leads to a surplus of money and luck in the coming year. This recipe for Fiery Whole Steamed Fish developed by @myfoodnation for Mazola uses Mazola Corn Oil to create a delicious chili sauce to give this essential dish a spicy twist.

Homemade Chinese Doughnuts

For a Chinese New Year breakfast, here is my recipe on Homemade Chinese Doughnuts, otherwise known as youtiao or 油条.

Chinese New Year Recipes: Easy Food to Make

Fried Turnip Cake in XO Sauce

This simple Fried Turnip Cake in XO Sauce recipe by Executive Chef Cao Can Hui of Dynasty Seafood Restaurant makes a great addition to your Lunar New Year at-home feast.

Turnip Cake XO Sauce with Prawns and Scallops
Credit: Chinese Restaurant Awards

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