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Why I Blog

To share. To connect. To learn.

To learn

My blog motivates me to improve various skills: food photography, cooking, writing recipes and food writing. This space of mine on the internet serves to document my journey of learning as a food blogger and food enthusiast. From looking into sites like to find a web host and finding your niche, to coming up with content and learning about SEO, there is a lot to learn when it comes to blogging.

To share

I want to share the beauty and tastiness that is good food! I hope my posts will help readers in deciding what restaurant to visit, what recipe to try, what food product to buy, or what event to attend. Every little detail is important, from the details of your site to who hosts it. You want to make sure that your blog isn’t down for long periods, as that can stop readers from staying around. Hosts like Hostiserver offer measures to help keep your blog up all the time, so it can be worth looking into these extra measures. That’s a lesson we all learn in the blogosphere. Are you in the process of setting up a blog? If so, you can read more about the intricacies of web hosting and web design on websites like Ultimately, running a successful blog can be a challenge, but the technical lessons you learn along the way can be incredibly insightful.

To connect

I want to connect with other foodies and hear about their experiences. With social media, it is so easy to do that nowadays, but by making a blog I can reach out in a uniquely “me” way. You can see what makes me tick, understand my thought process on how to assess anything related to cooking, it opens the window that would otherwise have stayed closed.