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Zero-Proof Cocktails in Atlanta GA With 100% Flavor

For those in the Atlanta area looking to take a break from, lower or eliminate alcohol, restaurants and bars are offering many options for low or non-alcoholic beverages. Check out some options below.

Zero-Proof Cocktails With 100% Flavor

Marlow’s Tavern

  • Apricot Mule: apricot, lime and Fever Tree ginger beer

Ocean & Acre

  • Fool’s Gold: lime, orange juice, citrus simple syrup, turmeric powder and ginger beer

Storico Fresco

  • Zero-Proof Negroni (a classic!): GinISH, Wilfred’s non-alcoholic aperitif, Lyre’s

The Woodall

  • Peach Me I’m Dreamin’: peach nectar, tarragon cordial, citrus and Fever Tree ginger beer

Your 3rd Spot

  • Rosemary-Blueberry Smash: lemon juice, honey syrup, blueberry syrup and soda water (pictured below)
  • So Fresh So Clean: lemongrass, ginger and pineapple
  • Hibiscus in Havana: hibiscus tea, lime, mint leaves and aquafaba
  • Non-Alcoholic Beer: Scofflaw x Y3S Seltzer and passionfruit seltzer


  • Seedlip: citrus non-alcoholic spirit                       
  • Ritual: non-alcoholic gin, rum, tequila, whiskey

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