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Singapore Food Festival 2022 in New York, California, Houston USA

Gourmands can now experience the vibrancy of Singaporean cuisine during the Singapore Food Festival 2022 (SFF) without stepping foot on a plane. There truly is something for everyone during the US Edition of the Singapore Food Festival 2022 collaborations.

Singapore Food Festival 2022

Launching in New York, California, Houston, and beyond from September 12 – October 10, Singapore’s famous flavors of pandansambal, and salted egg will take center stage through two tasting menu dinners from New York City’s Singapura and Wau, a cocktail adventure from the mixologist masters at Singlish paired with exquisite pastries from the kui h connoisseurs at Lady Wong, specially crafted sauces from Palo Alto’s Killiney Kopitiam, sweet treats from LA’s Wanderlust Creamery, customized coffees from Houston’s Blacksmith, and a nationwide golden egg contest from Singaporean snack brand, Irvins.

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB), in partnership with these seven concepts, each of whom are masters of their respective crafts, is proud to offer American diners a comprehensive taste of Singapore.

The collaborations enable curious diners to not only delight in something new, but to begin imagining how their own future travel to Singapore could taste.

This campaign aims to encourage eaters of all walks of life to try something new and imagine their next trip to Singapore as an adventure within reach.

Lady Wong – New York City

Launched during the pandemic from husband and wife team Seleste Wong and Mogan Anthony, Lady Wong is a Nanyang inspired pastry and kuih boutique in the heart of New York City.

Both Chefs are from Malaysia but lived in Singapore for 10 years, cooking in Michelin Star restaurants and five-star hotels before moving to the concrete jungle to continue their culinary journey.

They will be offering three limited edition pastries inspired by the SFF features flavors, a Creamy Sweet Corn with Salted Egg Yolk Cream Puff and Sambal Egg Curry Puff with eggs simmered in house sambal, both for $5, and a Coconut Pandan Petite Gateau for $7.50, limited quantity available at their shop at 332 East 9th Street, Wednesday-Sunday.

Singlish – New York City

Chef Salil and Beverage Director Colin Stevens joined forces to bring Union Square a Singaporean cocktail bar experience in Singlish, located at 17 East 13th Street.

Singlish offers the collaboration’s only cocktail tasting experience, inviting New Yorkers to experience craft cocktails modeled after an ethos of ‘blending the familiar with the unexpected to bring an element of surprise to each sip.

The 3-course cocktail tasting menu features the Changshan cocktail, a crisp highball made with gin, pandan, star fruit, tea, and sparkling water, and the Mai LaiMai Lai WaMai Lai (clarified salted egg vodka, curry leaf, chili oil, dry vermouth and garnished with three salted egg stuffed olives), resulting in a Singaporean version of the classic martini; and Singlish’s take on the famed Singapore Sling, crafted with gin, house-made cherry heering, pineapple, orange, pomegranate and spices.

The 3-course cocktail offering is available for $60 per person.

Wau – New York City

Another offering from renowned Chef Salil, Wau, located at 434 Amsterdam Avenue, describes itself as a ‘back to basics South East Asian joint.’

Eaters will be transported around the globe during the 3-course dinner offering at Wau, featuring special dishes including Pandan Chicken Wings Cooked in Sweet Sambal Sauce, Lobster Tail with Salted Egg Hokkien Mee and Sambal Nasi Goreng.

The meal, priced at $88 per person includes a special cocktail pairing or welcome glass of prosecco. 

Singapura – New York City

Singapura impresses as a proudly Southeast Asian beach bar found in the Gramercy neighborhood of New York City.

Chef Salil Mehta helms the ship and is well-known for his direction at Wau and Singlish, additional partners of the Singapore Food Festival, in addition to LAUT Singapura and Michelin-Starred LAUT Union Square.

Singapura, located at 31 East 20th Street, will invite diners in for a 3-course meal featuring Salted Egg CrabSambal Skatefish, and Cinnamon Toast Cruller with Kaya Dip made from pandan.

The experience, available for dinner only, includes a special cocktail pairing or welcome glass of prosecco and is priced at $88 per person.

Killiney Kopitiam – Palo Alto

Opening over a century ago in Singapore as a street corner coffee shop serving Nanyang style ‘kopi’ coffee and charcoal-grilled kaya toast, Killiney Kopitiam has grown to 60 locations in five countries.

This Bay Area location, at 552 Waverley St. in downtown Palo Alto, is led by Chef Nora Haron, the first Singaporean Chef to make Laksa at the James Beard House in NYC.

Customers will be able to purchase an assortment of specially curated sauces, including Killiney’s legendary Killiney Kaya, Sambal Terasi from SanDai Restaurant, and Salted Egg Butterscotch Pot De Creme by KOPI Bar, all 4oz jars.

This assortment will be available for purchase at Killiney for $38.

Wanderlust Creamery  – Los Angeles

Founded by food scientist/mixologist Adrienne Borlongan in 2015, Los Angeles based Wanderlust Creamery is an artisanal ice cream shop known for its innovative and creative ice cream flavors inspired by world travel.

They make ice cream flavors inspired by places they’ve been, places they long to visit, and childhood memories.

Beginning on September 12, Wanderlust will offer the following limited edition ice cream flavors at each of its six LA locations as a nod to Singapore – Durian Cream Puff, consisting of mascarpone & durian mousse ice cream with buttery feuilletine, and Salted Egg Dan Tat, composed of salted egg custard ice cream and flaky puff pastry crust made with Irving’s Salted Egg chips.

A single scoop is $6.50, double is $8.00 and a pint is $13.

Blacksmith – Houston

A charming coffee shop in Houston, Blacksmith delights the community with its balanced drinks and complex pastries.

Located at 1018 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, Blacksmith will offer a Spiced Singapore Golden Milk Latte, created by Blacksmith co-founder Niken Prabanto, for $6, featuring sambal, ginger, turmeric, pineapple, lime, vanilla, and oat milk.

The latte is complimented by the custom Pandan Banana Tea Cake, created by Blacksmith Pastry Chef Christina Au, $9, including vanilla sponge cake, pandan mousse, banana jam, sesame cremaux, and flower petals.

IRVINS – Nationwide

Singapore snack brand, IRVINS, known for their salted-egg treats, celebrates the Singapore Food Festival by giving three lucky winners a “Golden Egg “.

Reminiscent of Willy Wonka’s  famous chocolate bar “Golden Ticket” contest, the three egg-shaped tickets will be randomly hidden into bags of IRVINS available in the U.S. and sold at any of their retailers including Hmart, 99 Ranch Market, or even at their website

The winner (plus one guest) of the lucky Golden Egg will win a 4 day, 3 night trip to Singapore including airfare from the US, hotel accommodations, and an exclusive tour of the IRVINS snack factory conducted by IRVIN himself.

These collaborations will be available from September 12 – October 10, 2022.

For more details on the Singapore Food Festival 2022, visit:

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