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Father’s Day Winnipeg 2020: Dine Out, Takeout, Gift Ideas

Here are some ideas on where to dine out, get take out or buy gifts to celebrate Father’s Day in Winnipeg this year.

 Father's Day 2020 Winnipeg Dine Out Takeout Gifts

Please check back on this list as it is updated as information becomes available.

Any additions please contact me at [email protected] or on social media @foodgressing.

Businesses are offering a variety of options this year so I have done my best to embed their social media posts to showcase as much information as possible on what they are offering. Check the individual captions for more details.

Dine Out

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen

Frankie’s Italian Kitchen is offering a dedicated Father’s Day menu for dine in.

Chocoberry Dessert House

Chocoberry Dessert House is open for reservations on Father’s Day.

General resources to find restaurants open on Father’s Day:

Take Out

Bergmann’s on Lombard

Bergmann’s on Lombard is offering a take away menu for pickup on June 19 and June 20.

Sweets and Treats

High Tea Bakery is offering decorated Father’s Day cookies.



Rocky Mtn Chocolate

Rocky Mtn Chocolate is launching special packages in two sizes (small for $50 and large for $85).

Father’s Day Vancouver 2020 Rocky Mountain Chocolate

High Tea Bakery

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