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CHICHA San Chen Burnaby 吃茶三千: Menu, Location

Burnaby is welcoming a new bubble tea shop this month. CHICHA San Chen Burnaby is opening March 17 at 101 – 4501 Kingsway.

CHICHA San Chen Burnaby 吃茶三千: Menu, Location

About CHICA San Chen

CHICHA San Chen (吃茶三千), a Taiwanese brand, was founded in 1998 with the goal of providing tea connoisseurs with high-quality freshly brewed teas.

CHICHA San Chen Burnaby 吃茶三千: Menu, Location

With over 20 years of expertise, including their own own tea mountain, experienced tea tasters, and tea roasters, CHICHA San Chen was created by Taiwanese tea experts with a feeling of awareness with every drink.

CHICHA San Chen Burnaby 吃茶三千: Menu, Location

CHICHA San Chen’s Green Tea and Cassia Black Tea have received the prestigious Highest International Authority ITI certification for quality, and they use a patented product and technology that allows for over 1,000 custom settings and a three-stage temperature control brewing technique to bring out the tea’s best flavour and natural scent, as well as maintain consistency in the quality and taste profiles of their bubble tea.

CHICHA San Chen Popular Drinks

Some of the brand’s most popular drinks include:

  • Bubble Milk Tea 国王珍珠奶茶
  • Fresh Milk with Brown Sugar Bubble 熔岩黑糖波霸鲜奶
  • Fruit Tea (Black Tea + Pineapple + Passion Fruit + Lemon + Seasonal Fruits) 宝岛经典水果茶
  • Dong Ding Oolong Fresh Milk Tea 冻顶乌龙鲜奶茶
  • Green Tea With Honey 松针绿茶香蜜
  • Creamy Lemon Tart (High Mountain Pouchong Tea + Lemon Juice + Mousse) 又见柠檬塔
CHICHA San Chen Burnaby 吃茶三千: Menu, Location

Some of their pure tea options include:

  • Green Tea 松針綠茶
  • High Mountain Pouchong Tea 玉露青茶
  • Dong Ding Oolong Tea 凍頂烏龍
  • Osmanthus Oolong Tea 水仙桂花
  • Black Tea 鳳眉紅茶
  • Cassia Black Tea 決明子紅烏龍

CHICHA San Chen Burnaby Menu

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